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[teoli]: Ms2ger: yep, but I'm afraid there isn't any. (Except of adding a switch ourself) It likely is only controlled by a microcontroller.
[Ms2ger]: Yeah
[alispivak]: heya
[alispivak]: so, we're thinking about putting a Moz World Cup promo on MDN
[alispivak]: possibly below the contribute graphic
[alispivak]: but wanted to get thoughts on that placement
[sheppy]: Moz World Cup?
[sheppy]: I don't know what that is.
[Ms2ger]: Football?
[sheppy]: Also, what "Contribute" graphic? Is that the "Get involved" one or am I looking in totally the wrong place?
[sheppy]: /me works on converting more out-of-date MDN pages into redirects.
[sheppy]: I freaking love the CSS I did for archival pages.
[sheppy]: for example
[sheppy]: If that doesn't say STAY OUT ZOMG DANGER I don't know what will.
[alispivak]: what's with the double right column?
[sheppy]: eh?
[sheppy]: alispivak: Oh - those old pages
[sheppy]: Those old pages have a box on them that's a global nav for the MDN meta docs.
[sheppy]: So they look absurd that way.
[alispivak]: it's, uh, dramatic to say the least
[sheppy]: It's frustrating when the border indicating which cell in a google spreadsheet you're editing doesn't align with actual contents of a cell.
[grobinson]: I'm getting Internal Server Error when I try to search MDN
[jms]: grobinson: apparently, it's a known problem, being worked on
[grobinson]: jms: word
[grobinson]: 29's coming soon
[jms]: yep
[tw2113]: it is known
[tw2113]: afternoon jms
[jms]: hi tw2113
[kaustavdm]: teoli: do you have list of pages that need urgent translation for the new locales? I can forward them to the l10n team here
[gorhgorh]: .join #bzr
[gorhgorh]: oppps =)
[sheppy]: Web APIs documentation meeting in about 20 minutes. Feel free to join us! Add agenda items and see how to attend here:
[sheppy]: anyone here planning to attend the Web API docs meeting other than me?
[Ms2ger]: Nope
[sheppy]: You know how when you’re in a subway station and you feel that breeze that tells you the train is coming?
[sheppy]: I can feel the breeze that says that our ability to start really producing a lot of new documentation for APIs is coming. :)
[sheppy]: Once this org and cleanup work is done, boy howdy, docs will start flowing.
[Ms2ger]: sheppy, oh? Did you hire someone? ;)
[sheppy]: Ms2ger: Ouch dude. :)
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Held Web APIs documentation meeting:
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10370 for
[Ms2ger]: sheppy, :)
[sheppy]: You’re just mean :D
[Ms2ger]: Me? Never!
[sheppy]: That wasn’t convincing. :)
[Ms2ger]: Oh no.
[sheppy]: /me medicates and eats lunch and hopes that afterward he feels functional enough to do more content organization work.
[Ms2ger]: /me hugs sheppy
[sheppy]: Thanks. :)
[sheppy]: Yesterday was a good day though. Almost pain-free most of the day and I got a ton done.
[sheppy]: Today is not that kind of day. :)
[mars]: alispivak, teoli, openjck|tribe, I'm starting the MDN Bug Swat call - my Vidyo room
[mars]: here's the bug list:[Bug%20creation]&chfieldfrom=2014-04-03&order=Bug%20Number&resolution=---&chfieldto=Now&query_format=advanced&bug_status=UNCONFIRMED&bug_status=NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=REOPENED&product=Mozilla%20Developer%20Network
[sheppy]: But it’s comforting to know that I’m starting to have good days. It’s a good sign that things are improving.
[mars]: and the triage guidelines:
[teoli]: mars: on my way
[Ms2ger]: sheppy, fwiw, jorendorff is offering cake to anyone who shows up on his doorstep ;)
[sheppy]: Ms2ger: Interesting. :)
[sheppy]: afk a while, gotta ride this thing out for a bit.
[raniere]: Hi, I need to translate a string form kuma/mdn that is inside a Javascript. There is a better approach other than include the javascript inside the html from template?
[raniere]: The string can be found at
[msaad]: what is the best workflow for localization over mdn? I searched around l10n.js, but I know that mdn does use some proper templating system. How can we achieve localization on this issue? :)
[sheppy]: /me queues up the move of the XPCOM Interface Reference to its new home under Mozilla/XPCOM/Reference
[sheppy]: Now to take Sophie to a meeting. Back shortly.
[iGenius]: !mdn microphone
[MDNBot]: - MediaStream API - WebRTC | MDN
[iGenius]: Hello everybody
[iGenius]: I need some help handling microphone audio stream. Some advice?
[fscholz]: rogerroger: Updated doc status pages to use new Bugzilla components
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10426 for
[fscholz]: rogerroger: Held a meeting about video l10n.
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10434 for
[sheppy]: Today, more content will move to its true home. And I will work to polish up landing page macros and I think create a guide to creating landing pages,
[sheppy]: I'm going to urge that all landing pages have an expiration timer on them so they periodically rebuild.
[sheppy]: Given that we are moving toward auto generated landing page content, having it rebuild itself is wise.
[fscholz]: rogerroger: Implemented l10n:priority and l10n:exclude for l10n doc status pages
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10442 for
[fscholz]: (see
[sheppy]: Hahaha... a local man running for office was driving one of those campaign placards into the ground in the area here when he hit a gas pipeline and caused a gas leak that required a small evacuation. :)
[sheppy]: I bet he lost a few votes there. :D
[Ms2ger]: That topgallant!
[Ms2ger]: 's*
[fscholz]: +1
[Ms2ger]: /me gets back into his corner
[Ms2ger]: Hi mdas
[mdas]: Ms2ger: hello!
[mdas]: teoli: I have a question, I was lead to from
[mdas]: that page is now dead
[mdas]: where can I find the information I'm looking for?
[jms]: mdas: I think you want
[jms]: /me fixes the Publish_options page
[mdas]: jms: maybe, I'll take a look after a meeting, thanks
[sheppy]: /me moves the "XUL" subtree to its new home.
[sheppy]: Now to anxiously await the "success" email. :)
[sheppy]: Oh! Got it already. How about that?
[fscholz]: sheppy: Nice, that means 2350 new revisions and 1175 new docs in the db. largest page move so far?
[sheppy]: Yes.
[sheppy]: I'm getting into the site reorg work big-time this week.
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Moved XUL subtree to Mozilla/Tech/XUL.
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10450 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Moved XPCOM landing page to Mozilla/Tech/XPCOM
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10451 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Moved NSS tree to Mozilla/Projects/NSS
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10452 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Moved XForms docs to archive.
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10466 for
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10467 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Archived Prism docs
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10469 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Archived Tamarin docs
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10470 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Archived original MDC design docs
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10471 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Moved NSS Reference to
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10472 for
[sheppy]: So... question... do we want to put technologies like XSLT at Web/XSLT or have an interstitial Web/Tech page under which things like that live? I think that the interstitial is probably wise, as it avoids namespace confusion, given that Web interfaces are at Web/API/Foo
[sheppy]: This Web/Tech area would be where XSLT, XPath, RSS, stuff like that all go.
[fscholz]: The other things we have there are "tech", too, no?
[sheppy]: fscholz: Yeah, that's true.
[sheppy]: OK, just Web/XSLT etc then.
[sheppy]: /me will stop worrying about it.
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Moved XSLT docs to
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10473 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Moved XPath docs to and note its varied degree of support; link to polyfills.
[rogerroger]: Okeeday, meesa submittin status #10475 for
[sheppy]: That's it for today. Night all.
[chrismills]: alispivak: 1:1 ?
[alispivak]: yup!
[alispivak]: ley me go grab a conference room realy quick
[chrismills]: ok, I’m ready when you are
[fscholz]: rogerroger: Rewrote the page for to show a shiny metrics table.
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10522 for
[sheppy]: fscholz: that page is awesome
[fscholz]: sheppy: thanks :)
[sheppy]: Making good progress on site reorg.
[sheppy]: Happy with how the islands spreadsheet is looking.
[sheppy]: Shortly I will do some reorg work of a couple of the subtrees: /mozilla/ in particular
[fscholz]: I have added XUL to the doc status party. Massive amount of pages.
[sheppy]: fscholz: yes
[sheppy]: fscholz / teoli - I'd forgotten that XPInstall has been obsoleted. I'm going to bundle all those pages up under an "XPInstall" tree then archive it.
[teoli]: sheppy: looks ok for me.
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Bundled up all the pages I could find about XPInstall then moved them to Archive/Mozilla/XPInstall
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10533 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Moved EXSLT docs to Web/EXSLT.
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10534 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: moved NSPR API reference to Mozilla/Projects/NSPR/Reference.
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10535 for
[sheppy]: wbamberg: what's the status of the docs at
[sheppy]: wbamberg: That page has a bunch of subpages (which are troublingly not linked to by the main page) -- I don't know what condition any of that is in, or if it's even useful anymore.
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Added a link to the getting started guide to the doc status overview page.
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10541 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Tweeted and Facebooked and the like the link to :)
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10542 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Moved Social API docs to Mozilla/Projects/Social_API.
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10543 for
[sheppy]: jms_away: Do you know if the DNT Field Guide is still useful/accurate/relevant?
[jms]: sheppy: as of last November, Alex Fowler said it still was
[firebot]: Bug 759228 nor, --, ---, jswisher, NEW, Update The Do Not Track Field Guide
[sheppy]: jms: OK
[sheppy]: I will find it a new home then.
[sheppy]: It had been slated for archiving because we thought it was dead.
[jms]: sheppy: Don't archive it without checking with Alex/Policy group
[sheppy]: jms: Yeah, I've switched it into the "move" category.
[jms]: it probably has lots of inbound links
[wbamberg]: sheppy: should redirect to
[sheppy]: wbamberg: that's what I thought. Will be done.
[wbamberg]: sheppy: do you have a link to a list of the subpages under there?
[sheppy]: wbamberg: not offhand
[sheppy]: I'd have to create a page that does a { {ListSubpages("/en-US/Jetpack")}} to find them.
[wbamberg]: sheppy: yeah, I know, I can do that, just wondered if you had one already
[sheppy]: wbamberg: nope - go for it. And let me know if any of that content needs to be saved in some way.
[sheppy]: I suspect it's all obsolete.
[wbamberg]: sheppy: thanks for redirecting the root page. I'm not sure if the subpages should redirect or just be deleted, it probably doesn't much matter, but I'd like to take a quick look first
[sheppy]: wbamberg: let me know
[wbamberg]: sheppy: yeah, I think it is almost certainly obsolete.
[sheppy]: wbamberg: I think what I will do is move the Jetpack tree, then change the redirect page left behind to point people to the Add-on SDK docs. Sound like a plan?
[sheppy]: I'll archive the tree, that is.
[wbamberg]: sheppy: sounds great
[sheppy]: wbamberg: on it now
[wbamberg]: sheppy: thanks! I didn't even know that tree existed until fscholz found it
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Archived the Jetpack documentation, then changed the redirect left behind to point to the Add-on SDK docs at
[sheppy]: wbamberg: Yeah, the stuff you find when you search hard enough. :)
[sheppy]: There's a lot of weird stuff floating around MDN.
[wbamberg]: no kidding!
[sheppy]: I'm still involved in conversations on Facebook about the Brendan situation.
[sheppy]: I have many friends curious for a Mozilla insider opinion on various aspects of it.
[jms]: sheppy: As long as the conversation is mostly civil, that seems like a good thing
[fscholz]: rogerroger1: Added more doc status pages to the party. Coverage now at 58%
[rogerroger1]: Ok, submitted status #10588 for
[ezoehunt]: chrismills: we still meeting?
[chrismills]: ezoehunt: yup ;-)
[sheppy]: good morning!
[chrismills]: sorry, I got delayed in another meeting
[chrismills]: I’ll jump into your vidyo now
[ezoehunt]: chrismills: sure cool
[sheppy]: fscholz / teoli / chrismills - any Kuma improvements we need to poke the devs about? I'm in the dev planning meeting that's about to start.
[sheppy]: I plan to make a plea for tree deletion since that's an issue with the reorg.
[alispivak]: sheppy: there were several things on the drivers list
[sheppy]: alispivak: yeah
[alispivak]: mars: is the planning meeting in your vidyo
[sheppy]: alispivak: It's in DevEngage
[alispivak]: /me feels frustrated by the prioritizatio process, or lack of it
[sheppy]: alispivak: prioritization is hard with so many players
[alispivak]: that is why we need a process
[sheppy]: alispivak: we keep trying processes but they don't seem to fly very long
[alispivak]: instead of prioritizing based on whoever you happen to be talking to at the time, including me
[sheppy]: someday we'll hit one that really works.
[sheppy]: Just gotta keep trying.
[sheppy]: fscholz: Guess we need to get someone on docs for Data Store. Maybe I will try to take it on. Would be nice to do some actual writing again.
[fscholz]: data store?
[sheppy]: Yeah.
[sheppy]: Currently certified apps only.
[sheppy]: Makes it hard to experiment with to get a handle on how it works. :/
[sheppy]: I don't like working on docs for stuff that require tricky privileges.
[fscholz]: APIs are not really on my radar this quarter. Need to finish doc status stuff and then there is ES6 stuff :)
[sheppy]: Yeah.
[sheppy]: Another reason I think I will tackle it.
[sheppy]: rogerroger1: Moved "Creating XPCOM Components" to Mozilla/Tech/XPCOM/Creating_components, then updated its tags and added a note recommending avoiding creating XPCOM components. :)
[rogerroger1]: Ok, submitted status #10601 for
[fscholz]: rogerroger1: Updated l10n status overview pages to use better tables (see e.g.
[rogerroger1]: Ok, submitted status #10605 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger1: Moved the Developer guide to Mozilla/Developer_guide
[rogerroger1]: Ok, submitted status #10609 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger1: Moved general docs on Mozmill to Mozilla/Projects/Mozmill
[rogerroger1]: Ok, submitted status #10610 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger1: Moved Mozmill tests tree to Mozilla/QA/Mozmill_tests
[rogerroger1]: Ok, submitted status #10613 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger1: Moved XUL_Overlays to Mozilla/Tech/XUL/Overlays.
[rogerroger1]: Ok, submitted status #10619 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger1: Style cleanup of
[rogerroger1]: Ok, submitted status #10620 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger1: Moved Toolkit_API to Mozilla/Tech/Toolkit_API
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Archived "Creating_a_Mozilla_Extension"
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10622 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Moved Add_AJAX_Tests_To_Mozilla to Mozilla/QA/Adding_AJAX_tests_to_Mozilla
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10623 for
[sheppy]: Once moving is done, then I start going through landing pages and updating them to auto-generate, so they pick up all these child pages.
[sheppy]: Since many of them aren't linked to from anywhere useful yet.
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Archived "Help Viewer" to Archive/Mozilla/Help_viewer
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10625 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Created new Web security landing page:
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10627 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Moved Security/CSP to Web/Security/CSP
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10629 for
[sheppy]: rogerroger: Moved Web/JavaScript/Same_origin_policy_for_JavaScript to Web/Security/Same-origin_policy
[rogerroger]: Ok, submitted status #10630 for