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[ponyfleisch]: and i should start looking for a nice place to live.
[Valentine]: ponyfleisch: but it's still en suite yeah?
[Valentine]: buy a bunch of random numbers for silly sky high prices:
[notthetup1]: hendry: I mean the one from H&T
[Alex]: ponyfleisch: what an interesting sounding place. wtf did you find it? :)
[hendry]: ponyfleisch: property prices in Singapore should be decreasing... *sigh*
[hendry]: s,property,rental,
[hendry]: so much new stuff coming online
[Alex]: Is there a nice graph of average psf cost or similar broken down by areas?
[Alex]: Suppose I could look on propertyguru or something :)
[Alex]: Wow, just got my SP bill. I am apparently using about 10% of the national average of electricity at home.
[icedwater]: ponyfleisch: that's not really the point of a 'home' is it? :P
[icedwater]: Anyway, my desktop has gone all wonky after I used ssh -X from my laptop yesterday.
[icedwater]: Restarting Unity...
[notthetup1]: didn't patrick show something on those lines at some Hack & Tell?
[icedwater]: What, electricity bills by area?
[Alex]: icedwater: no, psf for rental by area
[icedwater]: Ah, OK
[Alex]: (based on 08:58:06 < hendry> ponyfleisch: property prices in Singapore should be decreasing... *sigh*)
[icedwater]: hendry: cooling measures don't seem to work then?
[hendry]: icedwater: i think it's cooling... relatively speaking
[hendry]: my landlord didn't put up the rent ! fucking amazing
[icedwater]: Also, ever-increasing demand + slowly-growing supply -> no way for prices to drop
[Alex]: It does seem like there's a reasonably large amount of empty apartments, which have been bought as speculative/investment properties rather than directly for rental (purely from observation, I haven't factchecked :))
[icedwater]: I cannot deny or confirm that... where did you see it?
[Alex]: When I was looking for apartments, I found that the occupancy in a lot of the buildsing was quite low (according to the agent at the time) - but this could just be spiel! :)
[icedwater]: Heh OK
[icedwater]: Around which areas were you looking, Alex, if you don't mind?
[icedwater]: Hmm, ubuntu repos only have python 3.2.
[ponyfleisch]: Valentine: en suite? you mean an en suite bathroom? nope :( def need one for the future though.
[ponyfleisch]: Alex: there are two facebook groups, Housing Singapore and FindYourRoomInSG
[ponyfleisch]: not sure which one i actually found it
[ponyfleisch]: the condo is called pacific mansions
[ponyfleisch]: it was quite funny last night
[ponyfleisch]: got into elevator
[ponyfleisch]: elevator made about 3 stops on the way down
[ponyfleisch]: every time 2-3 KTV girls came in until it was packed it girls.
[ponyfleisch]: hah at least the elevators always smell nice :)
[ponyfleisch]: hendry: Amy's dad is in real estate, and apparently he said rent is coming down
[ponyfleisch]: i think i'm just gonna move into a new 1 bedroom place in geylang. they have some for 2.2k in brand new buildings.
[Alex]: irall over the place - but the area that stood out was around river valley
[ponyfleisch]: and it does seem like a lot of places are empty and people have a hard time finding tenants
[Alex]: we got our place around 10% less than others I think
[ponyfleisch]: i would really love to live in a master bedroom in a new condo with awesome flatmates.. i'd pay 2-2.2k for that i think.
[Alex]: (in the same block) - just due to luck/timing
[CurryPng]: [ Apartment For Rent - Centra Suites, 38 Geylang Lorong 25A, 388242 Singapore, APT, 1BR, 420sqft, #17685981 ] -
[ponyfleisch]: 2.2k, 420sqft, new building. i actually looked at that place before. it's not bad.
[Alex]: Do you think that there are fewer awesome housemates because more awesome people live with their folks her?
[Alex]: here
[ponyfleisch]: well it's rare to see locals live in shared flats, yeah
[ponyfleisch]: but there should be enough expats
[Alex]: Yeah, but expats are dicks! ;)
[ponyfleisch]: just the french :-P
[Alex]: Pfft, as if I'd segregate by origin country or nationality.
[ponyfleisch]: i don't. i make an exception for the french though.
[ponyfleisch]: hahaha
[Alex]: you're swiss, right?
[ponyfleisch]: nah i know some nice french people
[ponyfleisch]: yeah
[Alex]: :)
[ponyfleisch]: but whenever someone who is french happens to be a dick, people go "ah well. french."
[ponyfleisch]: in this case, my flatmate.
[ponyfleisch]: it's probably best i get my own place in a new building in geylang. that way i can cook and don't have to clean up the dishes RIGHT AWAY. and the kitchen will always be available when i need it. and i can just not wear pants for a whole day.
[ponyfleisch]: which is THE DREAM
[Alex]: Why Geylang specifically? What other needs do you have, Mr Pony Flesh?
[ponyfleisch]: :) haha
[ponyfleisch]: geylang just has all these new mini-condo developments
[ponyfleisch]: i like the neighbourhood and it's close to the city. and cheaper than river valley.
[CurryPng]: [ Attitude @ Kim Yam Condominium Details in Orchard / River Valley - PropertyGuru Singapore ] -
[Alex]: Some nice coffee shops on Kim Yam Road I think
[ponyfleisch]: and walking distance to robertson quay and to orchard road.
[Alex]: yeah indeed
[ponyfleisch]: damn why am i not wealthy?
[Alex]: It's all acheivable eventually, don't stress too much. :p
[ponyfleisch]: but it also pisses me off a bit how expensive the property market is. and how that seems to contribute to the horrible distribution of wealth in this country.
[ponyfleisch]: it's a bit hard to take in as a western european.
[Alex]: For me, it's about the same as London - so I'm used to it and not that frustrated, but yes - in general.
[ponyfleisch]: i don't mind being a middle class idiot, but i mind just contributing to wealthy peoples wealth just by existing :)
[ponyfleisch]: yesterday went to buy bedsheets in takashimaya
[Alex]: hahahahaa.
[Alex]: Takashimaya's sheets are insanely expensive.
[ponyfleisch]: they sell fucking calvin klein blankets for 2k sgd or so
[Alex]: yeah
[ponyfleisch]: a FUCKING BLANKET
[Alex]: All airmiles though, right? ;-)
[ponyfleisch]: meanwhile, at night you see people going through trash
[ponyfleisch]: hah
[ponyfleisch]: and the people selling the ridiculously luxurious bullshit are foreign workers earning a shit salary.
[ponyfleisch]: man i would hate life if my job was to sell luxury items to spoiled fucks and then after a 10 hour shift had to go home to a shitty little room.
[Alex]: Have you managed to find freelance work easily here btw?
[ponyfleisch]: not yet, but i'm lazy
[ponyfleisch]: working on it
[Alex]: Where have you been looking?
[ponyfleisch]: oh i just talk to random people
[ponyfleisch]: or so
[ponyfleisch]: i sat down with a guy from neo yesterday
[ponyfleisch]: but they need people with rails skills who do TDD
[ponyfleisch]: though i'm getting into that now
[ponyfleisch]: the work i did so far for my swiss clients is just bullshit
[Alex]: Ah, is that Daryl?
[ponyfleisch]: i've been spoiled by a not-so competitive system
[ponyfleisch]: no i talked to abhaya
[Alex]: Ah
[Alex]: /me will update with a vacany in the next few days. Singapore based, but not dev sadly :)
[CurryPng]: [ SwiftServe - Transparent Caching and Content Delivery Network (CDN) Technology ] -
[ponyfleisch]: i think i should just open a fucking bar. hahaha.
[Alex]: ("A swiss man was found dead today, presumed due to a liver failure")
[ponyfleisch]: s/bar/bar and organ smuggling business/
[CurryPng]: ponyfleisch meant to say: i think i should just open a fucking bar and organ smuggling business. hahaha.
[ponyfleisch]: there. unlimited liver supply as long as there are countries with the death penalty. :)
[Alex]: I enjoy CurryPng's existence.
[CurryPng]: [ Sherwin Loh - The anger you feel should not be about... | Facebook ] -
[Valentine]: Alex: I'm both glad and sad that I'm living with my parents here in Singapore
[Valentine]: Alex: no rent to pay, but I tend to stay out a lot since it gets a bit suffocating at home
[Valentine]: Alex: not dev? what role are you hiring for?
[Valentine]: ponyfleisch: you could always rent a huge office and live out of it
[ponyfleisch]: Valentine: or just live in hackerspace :)
[ponyfleisch]: Valentine: i'm sure a huge office wouldn't be cheap either :)
[Valentine]: ponyfleisch: if you do that, I'll be the first to bitch on the mailing list
[ponyfleisch]: no the only real way to get more comfortable is to become wealthy. hah.
[Valentine]: yeah
[Valentine]: sell a startup or two
[ponyfleisch]: and then buy property
[ponyfleisch]: and become one of the guys squeezing hard earned money out of ordinary people :)
[ponyfleisch]: Valentine: hm, but there are already people sleeping/napping at hsg, and there is a shower.. :)
[Valentine]: yeah but they aren't living out of a suitcase
[Valentine]: I think that's where we should start to draw the line
[ponyfleisch]: yeah :)
[ponyfleisch]: hah i have no opinion on this, honestly. i wouldn't enjoy it. i'd rather pay a bit for a hostel.
[Valentine]: I think most of them don't even use the shower... we only do so after a run
[ponyfleisch]: i think at some point we'll see buildings that combine a coworking space, serviced apartments and a hostel in one.. would be nice
[Alex]: Valentine: basically
[CurryPng]: [ gist:765acc608f8010507aac ] -
[Valentine]: ponyfleisch: yeah, it's called 13
[ponyfleisch]: ah, right.
[Valentine]: i think there's another one called the Enclave
[ponyfleisch]: is that place operating? 13 i mean..
[Valentine]: no idea
[Valentine]: Alex: wow I know someone in that field... he's just really expensive
[Alex]: Which field? PS, or media?
[Alex]: (or CDN)
[Valentine]: presales and solution generation
[Alex]: *nod*
[Alex]: Any good though? Could be a referral beer ;-)
[Valentine]: dunno, he used to command low 5-figures at a big corp though, so you might not be able to afford him
[Alex]: Monthly quoted salaries shit me to tears
[Alex]: In the UK, salaries are quoted annually, which is how I do calcs
[Alex]: and since my mind is still aligned to UKP, I always do *12/2
[Alex]: I could do *6, I guess. Although it's actually (10x+2x)/2 because multiplication is hard.
[ponyfleisch]: something tells me that a pure software engineer can never make nice money in this town. if you can talk, though, that's a different story :)
[Alex]: Dunno, we don't have any engineering here - just ops
[Alex]: (Engineering in Cambridge, mostly)
[ponyfleisch]: hm. swiss travel insurance paid out way more than my girlfriends singaporean travel insurance for the accident.
[ponyfleisch]: do any of your guys have any experiences with insurances in singapore versus insurances in europe?
[ponyfleisch]: all sorts of insurances, since i'm considering to move some insurance stuff here..
[ponyfleisch]: (i left the handling of the swiss insurance to my mom, and she can be quite.. eerrrm.. 'efficient' at dealing with insurances, so maybe that explains the difference.)
[ponyfleisch]: though the policy of the singaporean insurance is just shit. random exclusions and stuff.
[notthetup1]: is it me or is today another of those can't focus mind wandering everywhere day?
[hyperair]: well, it is effectively a "friday"
[hyperair]: in the sense that tomorrow's a public holiday and hence the beginning of a long weekend
[notthetup1]: i have had really focused/productive fridays
[notthetup1]: but i just can't focus today.. :(
[hyperair]: lol
[hyperair]: /me just had coffee.
[hyperair]: i'd be focused if you didn't start messaging. :D
[Valentine]: just had a caffeine nap
[Valentine]: ahh
[icedwater]: notthetup: for that focus ;)
[CurryPng]: [ Twitter / edyong209: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is ... ] -
[notthetup1]: nOooooooooo
[notthetup1]: anyway I never really got addicted to 2048
[notthetup1]: although I'm happy that people are spending their commute playing with powers of 2 (yay binary!) instead of matching colors/shapes of candy
[CurryPng]: [ meSpeak.js: Text-to-Speech on the Web ] -
[icedwater]: notthetup: saw that some time ago, never got round to playing much with it. You gonna hack something?
[notthetup1]: @icedwater Not ATM.
[notthetup1]: was looking for a vector math library
[notthetup1]: when i saw this guy's work
[notthetup1]: rather a js lib by someone who forked this
[icedwater]: Ah, OK.
[icedwater]: Yeah he had a fun game on his site too as I recall
[icedwater]: bbl
[icedwater]: ll
[icedwater]: ...
[Valentine]: grrr, facing foggy-mind syndrome today too
[hyperair]: /me needs to get chair wheels from the furniture shop near tai hwa
[hyperair]: >_<
[hyperair]: maybe i'll kickscoot my way there later
[hendry]: MAKE IT SO
[icedwater]: ...
[icedwater]: tf2 ---> stack overflow
[mbrochh]: hey all... what time in the morning is usually the first one at hackerspace?
[mbrochh]: I don't have a key, yet, would like to work early and would not like to stand before closed doors :)
[notthetup1]: erm.. check the camera?
[CurryPng]: [ Webcam viewer ] -
[Valentine]: mbrochh: I think some of them are staying overnight
[maybefbi]: how soon can i start using the hackerspace after I pay?
[maybefbi]: CurryPng, you there?
[maybefbi]: Valentine, you there?
[maybefbi]: hendry, are you there?
[maybefbi]: notthetup, hi
[maybefbi]: concernedcitizen, anybody here?
[notthetup1]: hello
[notthetup1]: i am now
[hendry]: someone doesn't get IRC ;)
[hendry]: can anyone recommend a SIM card for getting data access for 3 days in Singapore?
[notthetup1]: starhub used to have one
[notthetup1]: check
[Valentine]: hendry: all of them have 3 day data plans
[CurryPng]: [ Twitter / kaihendry: @StarHubCares @SingTelSupport ... ] -
[hendry]: Valentine: how do i compare them?
[hendry]: price ? are they 4G?
[hendry]: Valentine: there is a quite a lot of T-shirt companies in Singapore. I guess legwork is needed to evaluate the fabric and cut basically.
[CurryPng]: [ Suckless proposal · hackerspacesg/members-accounting Wiki · GitHub ] -
[Valentine]: it's not linked on the main page?
[notthetup1]: @hendry[type|link[postId|1564239492[asin|B00F3F381A[authorId|5727177402741770316
[CurryPng]: [ Intel NUC D34010WYK, Mini HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, USB 3.0, 4th Gen Intel Core i3-4010U, Consumer Infrared sensor: Computers & Accessories ] -
[github]: [] rolandturner pushed 1 new commit to master:
[github]: 51e4d80 Roland Turner: Description of old hardware process
[github]: [] rolandturner pushed 1 new commit to master:
[github]: 7558047 Roland Turner: Images for description of old hardware process
[github]: [] rolandturner pushed 1 new commit to master:
[github]: 286d4c8 Roland Turner: Linked old-hardware page
[hendry]: notthetup: thanks... what's the pro with mini-display port? bit confusing, no?
[notthetup1]: pro?
[hendry]: notthetup: "pro" as in benefit over HDMI
[notthetup1]: oh hm.. AFAIR more bandwidth..
[notthetup1]: so you can drive larger displays
[notthetup1]: larger = more res
[notthetup1]: starting in 20mins at #webuildsg
[CurryPng]: [ We Build SG LIVE | A live conversation with geeks in town on building, learning and sharing! ] -
[hendry]: notthetup: about to go out for breakfast.. wonder if i can listen from the iphone ?
[notthetup1]: hendry: you should be able to
[notthetup1]: give it a try and let me know if it works will you?
[hendry]: notthetup: didn't work btw
[notthetup1]: gah
[notthetup1]: i wonder why
[notthetup1]: not enough bandwidth or?
[hendry]: notthetup: is there some live test i can test again with?
[Valentine]: lol at this post on HN:
[CurryPng]: [ This startup from Singapore does faster video recording on iOS with one touch | Hacker News ] -
[Alex]: Heh, present's video storage and acceleration is run by a local CDN, too! ;-)
[Valentine]: lemme guess... swiftserve? =P
[notthetup1]: hendry:
[notthetup1]: hendry: also
[CurryPng]: [ WeBuild Live Stream Checker ] -