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  • Where communities hang out

    Scrollback is a beautiful, open source text chat service designed for communities. Scrollback chat rooms can be embedded in websites and linked with Twitter hashtags or IRC channels.

  • Text chat within your website

    Sites like the MixFlavor comic blog use Scrollback to turn visitors into a friendly community. People who chat stay longer and return more often.

  • A back-channel for your conference

    Scrollback, used at events like JSConf Asia, have allowed attendees to network more freely, share anecdotes related to the talks and have extended QA with speakers.

  • A friendly portal to your IRC channel

    Projects like Mozilla put their IRC channel on their website using Scrollback, so that visitors truly learn why it’s called an open-source community.

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Users are engaged like on their favourite chat app, while the community enjoys viral growth, SEO and moderation.

Email notifications


Members of your community get email if someone mentions them, as well as summaries of what was said.

Twitter integration


Bring tweets about you into your room instantly, and use them to spark new discussions around the clock.

Scrollback in the wild



Scrollback is an open source project, and the fully functional hosted service will be availble free forever. This is the best option for small communities.


$9/moEarly adopter price

The pro tier is designed for large communities that need advanced customization, abuse control and integration options. Features in this tier are under development, so it’s free for now.

Sign up today for a free trial of the pro tier. When the beta ends, your account will switch to standard automatically.


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